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If this locket doesn’t make you feel like Picasso, nothing will!

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Here is the little attachable pouch with the owl image on it. Too cute!

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New 31 zero gami bag

New 31 zero gami bag

This is my new zero gami 31 bag. It is the large utility tote with an attachable pouch that looks like an owl. I bought them for my soon to be Origami Owl business from my sister who is a new 31 consultant. The reason it says zero gami, is due to copyright laws. I think it came out amazing and I can’t wait to start carrying it to all the jewelry bars.


Owl Hunting

Today my sister and I went to the Hobby Lobby in Medina. She has been to Hobby Lobby a few times and wanted to be with me the first time I went. They have so many cool things and especially a lot of owl items. We no sooner walked in the store and within a minute saw 2 owl items. They have owl signs, owl figurines, owl candle holders, owl display boards, etc. I found a really cute owl rubber stamp to make thank you cards for customers. I have an entire craft room in my basement that was built for me by my wonderful husband, Tony Copa. 

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Why Jessica?

I knew from the moment I met Jessica Wirth at the Open House that this was a good thing. Besides the fact that she has an amazingly friendly personality and smile, I soon realized we had a lot in common.

here are a few of the things we have in common.

  1. We both have 2 children. A daughter who is the oldest and a son.
  2. Both of our sisters sell 31.
  3. We both made and sold hair bows before Origami Owl.
  4. We live approximately 200 yards from each other.
  5. We lost both of our parents way to soon.
  6. We both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Origami Owl.

Oh yea, we both had a flying freeze during our DIW wait.

So you see, when I had to choose someone to mentor me and help me with my new adventure, I knew it had to be Jessica. 

Thanks for always being there and for being so positive and uplifting!


Choose the size that fits you!

Choose the size that fits you!

The nice thing about Origami Owl is the variety of chains and the variety of lengths that are available.

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How It All Began

I was just sitting one Sunday afternoon going through Facebook when I saw a post from my friend, Lisa Dumski. It was a beautiful photo of a locket with charms and dangles. I asked her what this Origami Owl was?  Was it a shop or possibly a direct sales company.  My sister had been talking about getting into some type of direct sales, either Silpada or 31.  I messaged Lisa and she gave me the name of a person she knew who sold Origami Owl.  In the back of my mind I kept hoping my sister wouldn’t be interested, because I wanted to possibly sell it.  As it happened, my sister decided to go with 31.  That is a story in itself; for another day. 

I went with my sister to a Quarter Auction at St. Mary School. I was curious as to how this worked, plus it was advertised that an Origami Owl Rep would be present.  It was a lot of fun and I actually won a Pampered Chef gift card.  Which reminds me that I still haven’t received my items I ordered.  Anyhow, I went to the booth to see the Origami Owl products and it was AMAZING!  I asked for a catalog so I could take a closer look, but the designer didn’t have many. That was ok, I was also invited to an Open House on Sunday where an Origami Owl  Designer would be.

Side note: If you are doing an event make sure you have enough TOM’s with you.  (TOM’s are what we call out Take Out Menus, or our catalog.)

At the Open House, I met a young woman by the name of Jessica Wirth.  I told her I was seriously interested in becoming a designer and she gave me her card with her info on it. I also ordered my first locket, chain and charms. I wanted to take a look at this product a little closer and begin wearing it so I could see how people reacted. I began making a list of questions for Jessica and looking up everything I could on Origami Owl. Youtube has a lot of videos about Origami Owl and how to get started.

They have a wait list for their potential designers.  The company is fairly new and growing quite quickly.  The average wait is about 2 to 3 weeks.  I signer up on March 14th with hopes that I would receive my wings the first part of April.  To date, I am still a DIW, (designer in waiting) with a current freeze on flyers since the company is replacing their current TOM on April 16th.  On the 16th they will begin releasing names.  There is a way to see where you are on the wait list under Tools on the website. Currently I am 2378, so if they release 2000 on the 16th, I should be in the next wave.  It is hard to sit patiently, but I am reading everything I can and preparing for when I officially fly!  I feel like I am consumed with everything and anything Owls!  It’s kind of Cool!

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My First Origami Owl

If I figure out how to upload a video of me opening my first locket, I will add it.

The Doyle Dispatch

I am so excited! My first Origami Owl necklace from Marissa Clay arrived this past weekend!


Then, when you open the box, here’s the inside box:


And inside is this:

And here is my finished locket! The four-leaf clover is for Tim and his family. The chai (means “life” in Hebrew) is for my family, the dog bone is for Lucy, and the paw print is for Toby. Our sweet little loving family!

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Add this to my wishlist!

What a great place to store your charms.

Charming Chris

Jewelry Boxes for the Modern Girl! via The Etsy Blog. Perfect for your #origamiowl collection!!   http://ow.ly/jfKgL


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Elodie Under Glass

What did you do this weekend, Elodie?

Nothing much. Met the Awkward Army, put the world to rights. Learned a bit of materials science and inadvertently created a new kind of polystyrene plastic in my kitchen.

Made a rainbow.

The richly glowing skein in Figure One is a sumptuous, hand-painted rainbow yarn that I dyed myself. With food coloring. And SCIENCE. You won’t find colors like that in a store…

And at the risk of becoming a craft blog (SCIENCE CRAFTS!) I’m going to tell you how to do it.


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